The Fall Cure: Week Four - Weekend

The Fall Cure: Week Four - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 28, 2006

What is this about? Get the Cure Info here.

Cathy in Minnesota uploaded pics of her reading nook, and - though not finished yet - it looks sooo inviting. That Ikea chair is sure to become a classic. $5 it ends up in MoMA's design collection.

With the big storm blowing in out here on Long Island, the phone and the internet are out, so we've gone over to a friends to get online. After that it's nursery set-up day, and we'll be unpacking and assembling all the tasteful nursery furniture that's been living in boxes for the past month. We're setting up in a room that we painted with a bold new color scheme last spring (inspired by a trip to Paris), and seeing if it will really all come together (like it seems to in Paris).

Two notes for the weekend: One, if you are behind and feeling stressed, I urge you to consider skipping one room (on the deep treatment) and jumping forward the next one. I feel it is more important to keep this within 8 weeks that to get to EVERY nook and cranny in your house and go way too long. If you bring it in for a landing in 8 weeks and feel successful, you will have SO much more energy and confidence to tick off that room or rooms you skipped next time. Remember, that I consider the Deep Treatment something you do in one form or another each year. This is NOT the only chance you'll have in your lifetime.

Two: Alana mentioned curing a living room by committee, which I like. Although it feels like you are sort of already doing that, let me make the following proposal - if one of you would like to nominate your living room and take great pics, I'll post it up top on Monday. I call this sort of thing "Total Attention" and it can work really well if someone is feeling a bit at a loss and really needs some group energy to get them going.

Good Links:
Jessi has lovely flowers, but is looking for a backsplash color
SkywayKate has shaped up the kitchen and the office!
Alana in Canada is checking out colors with a viewmaker program
Cure Overload is recommended for stress
Alex is feeling behind but soldiering on

This Week's Assignment: .

In the Deep Treatment we tackle the Living Room. For some of you this may be a big deal, for others it may not be as much trouble. Either way, this is probably the time to tackle your BOOKS. These are a very pesky element that can be very hard to edit. Your are also cooking at home 3x this week. If you would like encouragement or recipes, head over to The Kitchen, where daily support and inspiration is provided.

The One Room Workout gets to tackling shopping and considering Carb and Protein furniture if you haven't already. I urge you to buy quality when you shop. In addition, if you are entering prices into a shopping list/spreadsheet, don't forget that we have these available here for you to use.

(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)
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