The Fall Cure: Week 6 - Weekend

The Fall Cure: Week 6 - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 12, 2006

Been on our hands and knees this weekend finishing not the 8 Week Cure, but our 9 Month Cure. Fittingly, much of our work was in the bathroom.

After Ursula was born, we had to take a break, but there were a bunch of hang nails that needed tending to such as cleaning and srapping a pipe in the bathroom, finishing the counter top and kitchen shelves, hanging our soft-design doors and painting the bedroom floor. We found out two weeks ago that the NYTimes was interested in photographing our apartment, so we leapt into gear. They are coming tomorrow afternoon. Since Thursday we've been staying at a friend's house so that I could do all the messy and toxic stuff...

Last night I cleaned our bathroom floor with Myriatic Acid for the first time (the tile and grout had grayed out and this was recommended to "bleach" it lighter. This is the stuff they use to take graffitti off of cement). It's supposed to be cut with water, but I sort of skipped that and poured it straight on. Imagine my surprise when the floor turned green and smoke started rolling across the floor and through the apartment. Quickly opening up all the doors and windows, I went outside and watched it through the window. Spooky. After awhile, however, it settled down, and I was able to go back in, scrub and wipe it up (with gloves on).

When I met up with Sara Kate last night it was 7:30 and I was dirty and tired from working on the apartment all day, but it really felt great. It is so satisfying to get down into the nooks and crannies of the home and spiff it up. Part of this is how much I know we'll enjoy the new changes, but part of it also is *admittedly* the gratification of showing it off to others.

It's not exactly showing off, though, it's more like sharing some minor form of artwork. Everything that we've done in the apartment is the realization of an IDEA that we had in our heads months ago and which is now becoming real. Being able to show others these new ideas come to life is what is so satisfying.

Once you've done this kind of thing, you really see how interior design is a unique blend of artistic skill and ditch-digging prowess. It's one part idea and one part (or maybe nine!) realization.

Although this seems like an aside, it isn't meant to be. You all have two weeks to go (Thanksgiving) and this weekend I felt like one of you, working feverishly towards a deadline and turning the apartment upside down in the process. As much as I talk about how satisfying this all has been, over a glass of wine last night Sara and I also talked about the weariness and discomfort of having your home turned upside down. It is really hard and she - for one - is DONE.

What you all are doing with this Cure is HUGE not just in the amount of work you've taken on, but also in the amount of home-stress you've taken on by pulling things apart. In the next two weeks, I want you to really work on putting things back in order so that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and bring the stress to a close. There is plenty of rest afterwards!

The idea behind having a party, dinner or friends over is not a light suggestion. I didn't build it into the Cure just for fun. It is meant to create an unavoidable endpoint that will inevitably push you to finish things up (even if you are not quite done), as we tend to work harder when anticipating guests than we would if we were just working for ourselves.

So, plan your endpoint and enjoy Thanksgiving! And if you don't end up having friends over to see your work, consider this option: plan on your final "photoshoot" that you will then share with everyone in this group (including the lurkers). Photoshoots are very good motivators and this group has been so energized, I am sure everyone wants to see your results - EVEN IF YOU DON'T THINK IT'S THAT AMAZING. I'll bet it is.

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This Week's Assignment:

In the deep treatment the overall theme is peacefulness. As you clean out your bathroom(s), I want you to get to a point where you are able to put some calming luxury back into them. If you don't have them already, there are some purchases to be made here that can change your bathroom experience.

In the One Room Remedy take a good look at the lighting in your home. I find that most homes are underlit and that most that seem drab or uninspired could be turned around simply by addressing the lighting alone. Get adventurous! Lighting can be very affordable and different kinds of lights will really make your home leap to life. Oh, and there's some painting to do this week for some. Enjoy our small tutorial on how to paint a room. It's basic, but we find that it always helps to remember it when we're painting a room.

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