The Final Touch on a Closet Purge

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

During the last Cure, we got rid of about two-thirds of our clothes. Since then we have never dressed better in our lives. Part of the problem was that we had clothes in so many different places: a tallboy dresser, a long, open hanging bar, in suitcases, in baskets, under the bed, etc.

We’d like to think that we could store out-of-season clothes, but it’s never solidly one season or another in the Northwest. So when we got rid of so much, we were better able to see what we do have, and moved almost everything to the hanging bar.

But one long row of clothes can have comparable navigation difficulties to the insane “system” we had before, and without structure we’re afraid we may soon lay waste to the careful order, by casual/work/dressy and color, that we worked so hard on. Enter these garment organizers from Simple Division (which we learned about via the Simply Stated blog from Real Simple). They’re a simple plastic form that clicks onto your hanger bar, with space to put a label that will stick out above the clothes.

Now the hunt for a DIY, maybe non-plastic version….