The Finished Home: Knowing When It's Done

The Finished Home: Knowing When It's Done

Abby Stone
Aug 9, 2010

From the time we are small, we're always wondering when we're going to get to finish line. "Are we there yet?" we ask as children, piping up from the backseat of a car. We peek in the oven, pressing the cake or poking it with a toothpick to see if it's done. And now that we are grown up, we ask ourselves, "How will we know when our home is complete?" Here's our criteria.

  • All systems are in place: Some of the biggest challenges in any home are preparing a meal, processing mail and getting out of the house in the morning. If we can take care of these things efficiently, from finding where we put the last bill to putting clean dishes away to finding clean clothes, we know our home is done. If something gets bogged down (mail piles up on the dining room table, for instance), then we know that we've got to make some adjustments.
  • We're ready for company: When we can fling open the door and know that we can welcome in a friend or two with no more than a few moments notice, we know that our home is cared for and well-stocked.
  • It supports our activities: We have a lot of things we like and need to do in our home. From a place to knit to a place to write, from a place to sew to reading in bed, from having friends over for movie or game night to listening to music while lounging in the bathtub, we ask ourselves, can we do these things in our home with ease? If not, it's back to the drawing board to make our home more workable.
  • It looks and feels like us: Whether it's the confirmation from a friend who says, "Oh, it looks just like you," or just a feeling in our bones, that's when we know our home is done.

How do you know when your home is done?

Image: Andrea and Chad's Venice Abode

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