The First 5 Things You Should Do After You Move to a New City

published Oct 5, 2015
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Making a major move to a new city can have you channeling your inner Jesse Spano: “I’m so excited! I’m so… scared.” But fear not; getting to know the lay of the land in a new place isn’t so hard, if you know what to do and where to look. In any new town, these 5 local-focused adventures will have you familiar with your new scene (and new neighbors) in no time.

Subscribe to the City Magazine

A magazine subscription can be had for relatively cheap, and it’ll give you a chance to catch up on where to go and what’s new around town (besides you).

Find and Follow Some Local Blogs

Those bloggers will be like friends, kinda, showing you the ins and outs of life as a local. You’ll learn first-hand about the best restaurants and sights from somebody who’s been around the block before. Start out by Googling “[name of city] bloggers,” then take a peek at who those bloggers are following and talking to on Twitter and Instagram.

Walk Around

Even if you’re not in a very walkable city (Atlanta, checking in), take some time on a bright and sunny day to walk your neighborhood. It’ll give you a chance to take in the atmosphere and maybe meet some neighbors.

Eat Alone (at the bar)

Making friends as an adult is tough, y’all. Even if you know a few people in your new location, don’t be afraid to take a solo date every once in a while and spark up conversations with bartenders and strangers. Ask where they like to go, or what they think a new resident should know.

Take a Guided Tour

You live here now, but you’re still kind of a tourist, too. Get on a duck boat or double-decker bus and take in your new scenery as visitors do. At the very least, it should give you some fun facts to bust out when your friends come to visit.

What are your favorite ways to get familiar with a new place?

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