The Cable Free & Floating Workspace

The Cable Free & Floating Workspace

Range Govindan
Nov 2, 2009

It's really easy to amass clutter underneath your desk. Even if you've got some cable management, if you aren't vigilant, the dreaded cable squid will make its appearance. Once it's here, it's here to stay, unless you are ready to really get a clean sweep.

One of the easiest ways of simply cutting down on cable clutter is to simply never have any cables on your floor by lifting your equipment into the air. It sounds pretty straightforward, but there is quite a bit of beauty involved in the simplicity behind this way of thinking.

Floating desks and workstations are a wonder, but they aren't always easy to create or put together. For one thing, if the shelves are intended to be used seriously as desk, they need some kind of extra support. Just using the floating shelves themselves won't work. Computer equipment can get heavy quickly. Louis put together this workspace all by himself. To top it off, it was actually hand built and has a beautiful shine to it. Needless to say, if you want something like this, all that you have to do is cobble together the right number of parts.

Once you've got together the pieces of your desk, a combination of floating shelves and/or counter tops might work really well, it's time to add some floating book shelves. Louis stacked his in a great fashion all over his workplace, making it really interesting. We like how he used the corner of his room to stack the bookshelves asymmetrically. Louis also built in some extra shelves to hold up his computer equipment. It's out of the way and there are no stray wires hanging about. The most important thing is the added bracketing to his desk and the shelves that would be holding up the heaviest parts. By tucking in a power bar underneath, you can also have a clean and efficient workspace, just like Louis.

[via Lifehacker, photos by Dominika]

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