The Flylady Wants You!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Free flight lessons. There seems to be clutter busting theme today, so it is perfectly fitting that we should have been tipped off to, the website of Marla Cilley, a wacky, boot-camp-for-housewives organizing coach who wants to make staying organized and clearing clutter as fun as it is beneficial and the foundation of a “peaceful” world. Let’s say she is the Billy Graham of organizing websites.

Having started three years ago, she seems to have developed a huge following for her step by step lessons that she conducts via daily emails. Based on the popular SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) system, Flylady starts you off as a “flybaby” and slowly teaches you habits that allow you to graduate to a successful “flylady.” You WILL get your wings, damn it.

Flylady also has a store of essential items (feather dusters!!) and a library of resource material for sale. If this wasn’t so full of good humor, we would be really worried. (Thanks, HD) MGR