The Freeing Realization That Good Enough is Just Fine

The Freeing Realization That Good Enough is Just Fine

Jennifer Hunter
May 8, 2015

Aren't you tired of trying to be perfect? Me too. So what do I do when I'm over Instagram and feeling Pinterest pressure? I remember two of my favorite little words: good enough.

Say it with me now, "good enough." Feels good, right? Feels freeing?

Because there are things I want to do in my home (like buy new lamps!) and things I need to do in my home (like clean up) and then there are things that I feel like I should do. And should sucks on so many levels.

It sucks because it's a guilt-based emotion, totally devoid of joy. It comes from my need to live up to a standard set by someone who isn't me and who also isn't that perfect. It sucks because I will never be able to live up to it (because no real-life human can) and so I'll be stuck perpetually trying and failing to achieve something that I didn't even really want in the first place. Yuck.

It's not about lowering my standards and it doesn't mean that when I feel inspired to add something extra, I resist, or that necessary things go undone. It's simply about making sure that the thing I'm trying so hard to accomplish is something that will actually make me happy when I do.

So when you're feeling overwhelmed by beauty (even around here) or feel like your home will never be perfect, please try to remember that even a beautiful photograph is only perfect for the moment it takes to snap the shutter. Their flowers wilt just as fast as yours do. Their coffee tables get just as dusty. Their good quickly becomes good enough. And that's good enough for me, too.

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