The Futuristic Numitron Clock & Thermometer DIY

The Futuristic Numitron Clock & Thermometer DIY

Joelle Alcaidinho
Feb 15, 2011

Although this clock might at first glance look like a nixie clock, this DIY project was made using numitrons. Nixie clocks have been huge favorites for us to blog about and it seems like many of the things we love about them can also be found in numitron clocks. Read on for instructions on how to create your own.

Instructables user Janw decided to use numitron tubes for this project instead of nixie tubes because of the lower voltage needed to make them work. Nixies need around 170V DC and numitrons only 4,5V so they are safer to work with and don't need a special power supply.

The timekeeping is done by a ds1307 I2C real time clock and the temperature is measured with a DS18B20 1wire temperature sensor. An Atmega48 is used to proces the data and to drive the segments in the numitrons. Bascom was used to write the code and a MyAvr MK2 Programmer to stuff it into the microcontroller.

We think that this is a great looking clock and would love to have one of these. Although we try to avoid looking at the temperature these days, we are sure we will want to one day again soon and this device could be just the ticket.

For a complete detailed step by step photo guide, check out Instructables.

(Via Instructables)

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