The Gallery: Affordable Photos From Abby Powell

abbypowell0401091.jpg We’re suckers for beautiful photography. Often times it’s an art form that can be lost in the average home, but a beautiful photo in just the right place can really set the tone for a space; which is why we fell head over heels for the work of Abby Powell. She chooses cameras found at thrift stores and her work is simple yet beautifully composed and would make even the most stressful days seem serene. Did we mention it’s

First Row, Left To RIght

  • Lilacs In Fall: for $11 in a 5″x7″
  • Apricot Blossoms: for $11 in a 5″x7″
  • First Harvest: for $11 in a 5″x7″
  • Letters: for $11 in a 5″x7″
  • Bowl of Lemons: for $11 in a 5″x7″

    Second Row, Left To Right

  • A Good Marriage: for $6 in 4×6″
  • Brownie Camera: for $6 in 4″x6″
  • Clean Up: $6 in a 4″x6″
  • Daisies: for $25 in a 8″x12″
  • Thistle: for $25 in a 8″x12″

    (via Simply Stated)

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