The Gallery Bringing the Outside In

The Gallery Bringing the Outside In

amy chase
Mar 27, 2008

Allandale Farm Greenhouse, Brookline, MA, 10/03. Digital C-print triptych: 40 x 27" each. Edition 2 of 5. Esther Pullman

Oh I think it is really going to happen.. spring, spring is coming! Here are three artists from //">The Drawing Room who can help us bring the glory of the outdoors into our wee homes...starting with Esther Pullman's triptychs of greenhouses -- the ultimate "outside in".

According to Pullman, "what more compelling or life-affirming symbol could there be than the greenhouse: a temple of light, modulating the energy of the sun; a stage for life, death, and rebirth; and a self-contained environment mirroring our own condition of life on the planet?"

Chapman's Greenhouse,Manchester, MA, 6/2007. Archival ink jet print triptych: 30 x 20" each. Edition 1 of 5. Esther Pullman

Esther Pullman. Green House Divided.

Pat Pickett invites wind and tree branches to express themselves through drawing… attaching pen to branch, and letting the wind conditions over time do the work. Usually these are on delicate sheets of sky blue paper, but below we've got the equivalent of an autographed photo!

Valley Oak – 1 hr. sustained winds-10 mph. Valencia 3/25/05. Ink on photograph, 18 x 13" Pat Pickett

I saw these 2 years ago in a show titled "A Record of Wind Conditions: 21 Trees 7 States 3500 Miles" and still find the vast differences in "personality" of each kind of tree and condition so compelling. Check out how a stiff old pine's marks differ from those made by a willow.

Jeffrey Pine, 3 hrs, winds 5-8 mph. Angeles Crest Hwy, Saturday 5/13/06. Ink on paper, 22 x 15" Pat Pickett

Peachleaf Willow, 1 hr. winds 7-10 mph, near Maxwell, NM. Wed. 7/12/06. Ink on paper. 26 x 20" Pat Pickett

Last but not least, take a look at these arresting images of our fine feathered friends by John Alexander. I can almost hear the wings beating…

Rush to Judgement, 2007. Charcoal, pastel and watercolor on paper. 30 x 22" John Alexander

Poser, 2007. Charcoal, pastel and watercolor on paper, 30 x 22" John Alexander

The Drawing Room is a beautiful, quiet space located just off the bustling Newtown Lane (#16R) in East Hampton, NY. Interested in learning about any of the works featured here? Send the gallery an email or visit their site (linked in the name above) to see other works.

Know any artists whose work would make a home a lovelier place? Send ideas to The Gallery. Thanks!

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