The Gallery: Jim Dingilian

The Gallery: Jim Dingilian

amy chase
Apr 19, 2007

A Fine Mess, 2002. Smoke and tarnish on silver-plated tray, 4 1/4 X 5 3/4"

Introducing Jim Dingilian

My friend Byrne used to say, "take a picture with your brain," when the camera ran out of film. On the continuum between a visual memory and the latest photo archival technology, lie Jim Dingilian's photographic images -- haunting reminders of the mutable nature of memory itself.

Recessional, 2003. Smoke on silverplated tray, 5 3/4 X 9 1/8"

The artist coats found silver-plated trays with candle smoke and then uses different tools to gently remove the soot and "carve" out the image.

Silhouetted Stack, 2003. Smoke on silverplated tray, 11 X 16 1/8"

As you move around these, there's a flickering quality to the image… a lot like when you are looking at old daguerreotypes. Pretty cool.

Trellis, 2003. Smoke on silverplated tray, 5 1/8 X 7 5/8"

Beware though, there is nothing that protects the image -- not from an errant touch, which would smear it … nor even tarnish (!)

"For the artist, the cumulative effect refers to the fleeting and elusive qualities of memory and the ability of photography to disrupt the process of recollection."

Untitled, 2003. Smoke on silverplated tray, 8 1/2" diameter

These are maybe not the most practical art piece for someone a bit careless like me… but the drawings below on old desks and chair backs… these might hold up a little better.

Small Parking Lot, 2001. Pencil on bent plywood school chair back, 8 1/2 X 15"

Nearly Even, 2006. Permanent marker on school desktop, 17 3/4 x 24"

The blue marker and pencil are less delicate than, say, smoke – but still not fixed to the surface. You've got to take care to keep it intact. I suppose much like memories… they can require a bit of care and tending.

Last Time, 2006. Permanent marker on school desktop, 17 1/2 x 23 5/8"

The Open Field,2004. Permanent marker on school desktop, 17 1/2 x 23 1/2"

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