The Gallery: Jon Klassen

We first noticed the work of artist and illustrator Jon Klassen while perusing the newly released book We Are The Friction, which features illustrations and stories by twelve sets of artists and authors. His contribution to the work immediately piqued our interest, and we had to learn more…

Klassen attended animation school in Toronto before moving to the West Coast, where he now works as an animator. His work in animation seems to inform his illustrations, which often capture a moment of interest in the middle of an adventure that we’d love to follow to the end.

  1. Yuki and the Secret Cliff Cave original sold out, but you can email to request any future prints.

  2. Waterfall print for $30

  3. Beach House print for $20

  4. The Road print for $30

  5. Detail of Adventures of Ship print, available for $30

You can find out more about Klassen at his website
Burst of Beaden (love the name), and check out the book
We Are The Friction
here, via