Lucy Renshaw Furniture & Interiors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
click thumbnails for larger pics Lucy Renshaw is inspired by junk. She works with recycled fabrics and reuses found materials to create everything from lamps to large furniture. She combines techniques of surface embellishment, embroidery and screen printing to produce imaginative pieces. We think her work could provide great inspiration for those looking to make the most out of the things found in their home, no matter how small

We love that Lucy uses small things to make a big impact on her pieces. Small buttons or bits of fabric, tiny shreds of fabric wrapped around and around to create a bold graphic impact… it’s all very eclectic and comforting. You can find our more about Lucy from her website. Make sure to check out more photos from her product gallery as she shows you close up views of her small embroidered handiwork!

What things do you have around your home that could be transformed in this manner? Leave us a suggestion below!

(Images via Lucy Renshaw)

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