The Gallery: Mary Temple

The Gallery: Mary Temple

amy chase
Jan 25, 2007

From the Windows Series, 2004. Left: Southeast Corner, West Light (low), paint on wall, 7 x 12 ft (private residence) Right: North Wall, Southeast Light, paint on wall, 15 x 9 ft (Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY)

Introducing Mary Temple

Being that I'm currently living in an apartment without enough natural light, I've always been drawn (like a moth to a flame!) to Temple's trompe l'oeil paintings that appear to be light and shadow cast on a wall from a nearby window. Most often installed in rooms where there is little or no natural light, nor corresponding windows, these paintings have an ingenious way of tricking the eye… at least, happily, for a little while.

Window commission, 2003, latex paint on site.

Other investigations of light and shadow include these paper rooms that open up to reveal paintings like those from the Windows series – small boxes of light.

Paper Room, GRN 3, 10 2006 dimensions variable, 10" x 12.5" x 8.5" when mounted on wall. Acrylic on paper

Paper Room, BLGR 4, 16 2006 dimensions variable, acrylic on paper

Her Postcard Skies photo collages juxtapose the façades of her Brooklyn neighbor's homes against the expansive skies of the American Southwest (where she lived before moving to New York).

bluescallopsgreenclapboard 2004, 24 x 18" photo collage

pinkfauxwoodgrain 2004 30 x 18, photo collage

In the artist's words, "Removing the windows from the photos seemed to allow the buildings to breathe, and their façades looked like bright open faces posing for a snapshot. I obliged. Perhaps they'd like to travel? I described what I know--the Grand Canyon, Coyote Springs, Oak Creek Canyon, Prescott Valley, Granite Dells. They agreed, having always wanted to see a bit of the Southwest."

yellowclapboardpolkadot 2004, 18 x 24, photo collage

All photo collages are in editions of 3 and are mounted on Sintra with UV laminant and placed in a whitewashed frame

And these two drawings are from the "One Million Elipsoids" project where Temple repeated a single ellipse-like shape 1,000,000 times, creating drawings in series, each containing anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 ellipsoids drawn in ink. Each day's work adds to the previous number of ellipsoids in the continuum toward 1,000,000.

439,500 - 441,500, 2002 31 x 36, pigmented ink on Denril vellum

460,500 - 462,000, 2002 31 x 36, pigmented ink on Denril vellum

Mary Temple's work is available through the Mixed Greens gallery here in NYC.

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