The Gallery: Michael Miller

The Gallery: Michael Miller

amy chase
May 18, 2006

Over the Falls, Acrylic on panel, 12 x 15"

Surf's Up!

Introducing Michael Miller

If you've got surfing on the brain -- Miller's paintings are for you. His work is all about surfing -- the scale, force and feeling of waves, the act of surfing and all its feats of physical endurance. To round things out, he also throws in a bit of surfing lore and Hawaiian wave rituals.

Patching the Roof Egg tempera on Polynesian plywood, neoprene frame, 8x8", 2002

I love the reverence of these paintings -- to the waves, to the sport -- and how they can drop you into the aquaeous trance of being one with the sea. You'll notice that in addition to using acrylic on wood panels, Miller also incorporates actual materials involved in surfing, painting in egg tempera on polynesian plywood (referencing old-school wooden surfboards) and framing the work in neoprene (a finishing flourish that nods to the wetsuit).

Disco Aster, Egg tempera on Polynesian plywood, neoprene frame, 22x28", 2002

Beneath the Wave, 36 x 48"

In the artist's words: "It is this swell that rolls into harbor, so clean and so beyond storm, that has traveled calm water for hundreds, even thousands of miles, that drives my pictures."

From Lonos to Bones

Farmer vs. Pirate

Ghost Tree, Acrylic on panel, 18 x 24

Did you know that ancient Hawaiians prayed for big waves by swatting the water with pohue hue, beach morning-glory strands? They hoped these ripples would be answered by bigger ones, and they chanted, "Ku Mai! Ku Mai! Knalu nui mai Kahiki mai" (Arise, arise you great waves from Kahiki). I just love that! Thanks for that pearl of wisdom Michael.

Potential POV

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