Survey: Do You Use a Garbage Disposal?

Survey: Do You Use a Garbage Disposal?

I grew up with a garbage disposal, but didn't have one in any of my apartments for the last 8 years and I really missed it. So when my BF and I moved into our condo last year, we were incredibly excited to install a garbage disposal, which was the first upgrade we made to our new place. But, I'm now giving it a second thought after reading a criticism of garbage disposals over at Treehugger…

Essentially, Treehugger proposes that garbage disposals actually do more harm to the environment than good. While many people believe that garbage disposals are good for keeping drains clear and food waste out of landfills, they actually do more harm because of the amount of water wasted washing food down the drain and the amount of energy used to pump the water through city sewer systems. The best option would be to avoid dumping food waste, whether it's down the drain or in the garbage can, and instead compost.

While I'm not going to entirely stop using the garbage disposal — it definitely helps keep our old plumbing pipes clear — I am going to try to stop using it as a catch-all for my waste.

So what about you and your garbage disposal habits? Yeah or nah? Are you able to avoid using one because you compost, or is it one kitchen luxury you just won't give up?

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