The Great Dishwasher Debate: Revisited

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We take every opportunity we can to revisit the great dishwasher debate. It always seems to stir controversy, and everyone clings tightly to their allegiances. The hardcore hand washers huddle in one corner — the energy efficient machine washers in the other.

Where do you fall? Well, some new numbers might change your mind.

According to a short bit in the New York Times, “the federal Energy Star program estimates average savings of $42 a year from using an efficient dishwasher rather than washing dishes in the sink.”

OK — so saving $42 a year isn’t really going to put the kids through college; however, the water savings are more significant. According to the article, “efficient machines use only about four gallons per full load, aimed in a fine stream at the dishes and used over and over. Hand washing the equivalent of a full load typically uses 27 gallons of hot water for washing and rinsing …”

In other words, it might be time for some of us (yes, we fall into the hand wash camp) to think about investing in an efficient dishwasher. What do you think?