The Great Unwashed: No Regular Showers, No Deodorant?

The Great Unwashed: No Regular Showers, No Deodorant?

Cambria Bold
Nov 1, 2010

Some people might be concerned that not showering would put them in Ann's predicament.

A year ago this past August, we first opened up the No 'Poo can of worms. Now The New York Times is taking a look at the growing movement to ditch the deodorant and detergent. Read all about it below:

Jenefer Palmer, chief executive of Osea, an organic skin-care line, was one of the people who opened up to the Times about her daily cleansing habits, which include showering "no more than three times a week" and opting instead for a soapy washcloth under her arms, between her legs and under her feet for off-days and a daily swipe of a sliced lemon underneath her arms to combat odor.

What's the reasoning? As the article states:

Retention of the skin's natural oils and water conservation are two reasons Ms. Palmer and others cite for skipping a daily shower. Some have concluded that deodorant is unnecessary after forgetting it once with no social repercussions, or are concerned about antiperspirants containing aluminum, even though both the National Cancer Institute and the Alzheimer's Association don't share those concerns. Shampooing as little as possible can help retain moisture in dry locks and enhance curl shape, argue adherents of the practice; for some men, it's about looking fashionably unkempt.

Are you convinced? Personally, I am a proponent of showering, but I do make the efforts to use all-natural shampoo and my new favorite natural deodorant instead of conventional alternatives.

Read the full article here, then come back and tell us what you think!

(Image: Jew Eat Yet)

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