The Green Cell Phone: A Cow Could Eat It

The Green Cell Phone: A Cow Could Eat It

Range Govindan
Dec 8, 2008

It's true that we change phones way too often. We're always after the newest gadget, the latest functions, and the hottest phone. Somehow, somewhere, something dies for each new cell phone that we buy. Luckily a few designers have come up with phones that will biodegrade in a few years, since there is no point in any semblance of permanence with cell phones.

This eco-friendly phone relies on source materials such as hay. After two years, it promises to be completely biodegraded. Korean designer Je-Hyun Kim came up with this phone's concept. We don't know how well a phone that uses hay will function, but this concept is more of a wake-up call. If more biodegradable materials were used in the manufacture of cell phones, we'd have less garbage.

We don't know if this phone will ever be produced, but for sure, we'd like to see more phones use sustainable materials, since usually after a year or two, most people get rid of their phones. The Natural Phone uses hay in all its components, except the screen and the keypad.

One thing is for sure, phones such as these would sell well, if they looked a little better. Hay is a material that really breaks down easy. You wouldn't want to drop your phone and have it break into pieces, or splash some water on it and it becomes soggy. Or some random cow come over and just eat your phone up.

Then again, the disposable phones could be made using some form of sustainable material, like bio-plastics or something like that. This would cut down on waste. Anyway, this concept is a great idea, albeit if it's created not using hay. Something like this Sony Ericsson concept might be better.

[via Ubergizmo]

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