The Green Cure: Week 6 – Homework!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cantabrigian1 likes this cozy room, seen here before the Cure. We’re wondering what changes she’s made so far…

Quote of the day: cantabrigian1

Fixed the kitchen light globe, found new pillow covers for the back couch cushions, moved the quilt that was on the couch to our bed for a punch of color, and had some photos enlarged and put them in frames…

Oh, and I ran a half marathon yesterday. 1:52:27 woo-hoo!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pop Quiz!
Week 5 has passed us by, and we’re hoping to get back on track with a simple request for two photos:
• Your favorite thing in your home.
• The most green thing in your home.

As always, post the pictures to our group at Flickr or simply tag them with “atgreencure.” Add a sentence or two explaining your choices. If you’re Flickr-deprived, you may also email us the photos.

For those of us on the deep treatment track, this week you’re focusing on your bathroom. There are lots of ways to make it both more green and more peaceful; perhaps the simplest is to change your soap and shampoo to one made with all natural ingredients. (Ellen Sandbeck, author of Organic Housekeeping, suggests that switching to castille soap will eliminate soap scum.)

To Book Blog –

In the One Room Remedy, take a good look at the lighting in your home. We’ve found that since the publication of the book, compact florescent bulbs have come a long way and are worthy of consideration for most places in the home. (There are still places where incandescent bulbs are the best, though, like closets, where you want instant-on, bright light that’s not left on for long.) The key thing to look for when shopping for a CF bulb is lumens and color temperature: this post explains the terminology.

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