The Green Cure: Getting To Know Your Home

The Green Cure: Getting To Know Your Home

Cambria Bold
Oct 22, 2009

Bethany Obrecht of Found My Animal has a lovely kitchen. It's very small, but it's bright and well organized, which makes it feel larger!

• Cure Clock: 6.5 weeks to go!
• Assignment: Read Week Two, pp. 70-99
  • Clean your kitchen, buy a water filter, and cook one meal at home
  • Fix one thing yourself
  • Run your hands over every wall in your space
  • Be a responsible shopper

• Members: 1,647

Congratulations on making it (almost) through Week 2. This week I've been completely slammed helping Maxwell with last minute edits for Apartment Therapy's upcoming book (to be released in Spring 2010 - look for it!), so I'll admit I've gotten a bit behind on my own cure! I'm looking to you for inspiration as I head into a busy weekend of cleaning and clearing out. First on my list: buying fresh flowers. Second on my list: regrouting the shower...

Jump below for a list of Household Fixing How-To's and a few of our recommended water filters!

Cure member Catcam sent us these photos of her fall flower arrangements. So bright and cheery. She also offered these Cure tips: "Clear all horizontal spaces (tabletops, counters, etc.) of clutter. File what needs to be filed, recycle anything recyclable, throw away the rest. Dust your space, add some simple color."

This second task will be my "fix it yourself" task for the week. What needs to be fixed in your apartment? If you're looking for instructions — from sealing drafty windows to fixing some common bathroom issues — we've got a list to help get you started:

How To's, Tips & Tricks For Household Fixes

Small Space Checklist: Toolbox Basics
How To: Fix Those Drafty Windows
How To: Fix a Slow Draining Sink
DIY Fixes for 5 Common Bathroom Issues
How To: Repair a Broken Dresser Handle
How To: Fix a Broken Toilet Using Zip Ties and a Key Ring
How To: Fix a Sagging Mattress
5 Quick Fixes: Easy Door Repair
How To: Repair Bamboo Floors
Easy Squeaky Stair Repair
How To: Change a Light Fixture

Flickr member Purple Plum shared with us her "small but functional" kitchen, which she says "needs some good cleaning and maybe a few colorful things."

The other thing we'd encourage you to do this week is get and install a water filter. They can be very affordable (depending on the type you get), easy to install, and infinitely better than bottled water (which, if you can believe it, requires even fewer regulations than city tap water). I've had experience with two faucet water filters so far: the PUR Vertical Faucet Mount Filter and the Culligan Faucet Filter. The PUR filter worked great for the first couple months, and then it started leaking and spraying all over... not so great. I've had the Culligan water faucet filter for the last two months, and it's worked well. However, it seems these faucet filters slow down dramatically over time, even before you should have to change the filter. One commenter in this post recommends soaking the filter in vinegar once a month to remove hard water deposits from the casing and screen. We've never tried this personally. Anyone have experience with this?

If you're looking to make more of an investment, I completely love Aquaovo's Ovopur Water Filter ($650). The beautiful design makes use of gravity to dispense water, so it doesn't require any electricity. Crafted from porcelain, glass and metal, its filter cartridge leverages activated carbon, KDF55, micro-porous bioceramics, and quartz crystal to help remove impurities. It holds up to 11 liters of fresh water, and would look stunning sitting on your counter. Filter cartridges need to be replaced three time a year, but you can return used filter cartridges to Aquaovo for recycling (which unfortunately cannot be said about most other filters on the market nowadays).

The Aquaovo Ovopur Water Filter

For a beautiful yet more affordable option, try a charcoal water purifier (it looks black, but it's actually made of white charcoal) like this one, available in packs of three for $25 at DWR. Just place one of these sticks in a jug of water, and it will absorb chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odors while infusing your water with natural minerals. One stick lasts about 3 months and is completely biodegradable. Simply crush it and mix it in with your plant soil.

The Binchotan Coal Water Purifier by Sort of Coal

Need more insight on which water filter is best for your home? See these posts:

Best Product: Brita Faucet Mount Water Filter
Water Filter
Good Question: What's the Best Water Filter Solution?
What Type of Water Do You Drink?

Flickr member Jenicra 84 took this week's task to heart — cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom — and showed off a Before & After of her pantry. Well done!

Coming Up:

Check back tomorrow as I continue to update this post. How's your progress going? Send us pictures and they might end up here!


What's been the most difficult thing about the Cure so far? What's been the best thing?


What needs fixing in your house?


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