The Green Cure: Getting To Know Your Home

The Green Cure: Getting To Know Your Home

Cambria Bold
Oct 19, 2009

No Accounting for Taste cleaned up and cleared out her kitchen, and the result is "an emotionally changed space that feels new... and mine."

• Cure Clock: 7 Weeks to go!
• Assignment: Read Week Two, pp. 70-99
  Green Focus:
  • Clean your kitchen, buy a water filter, and cook one meal at home
  • Fix one thing yourself
  • Run your hands over every wall in your space
  • Be a responsible shopper

• Members: 1,583

I find the tasks in Week 2 to be some of the most rewarding of all the assignments, since they mark the beginning of a hands-on relationship with your home. For starters, you'll be deep cleaning your kitchen, the room that encompasses many of the green lifestyle tenets we often talk about on Re-Nest: gardening, composting, recycling, drinking pure water, and cooking with organic and/or local food that is good, clean, and fair. You'll also fix one thing yourself (goodness knows we love our DIY!) and spend some time feeling all the walls in your home (a good way to see where you're getting drafts and possibly losing energy)...

If you're doing a One-Room Remedy, you'll also write down a shopping list this week and begin thinking how you can consciously and responsibly bring new items into your home.

Getting To Know Your Home:

Everyone has a different relationship to their home: some people are homebodies and spend as much time in their home as possible; other people only use it as a place to sleep. Some entertain every weekend, while others are embarrassed to have anybody inside. Some are avid cooks and use their kitchen religiously, while some just use their fridge... to store their clothes. Whatever your current relationship is to your home — you've just met, you've had a little flirtation for a few months, or you've been in a serious relationship for quite some time — this week you're going to get down on one knee and tell her you're in this for the long haul.

Start with giving your kitchen a cleaning like it's never seen before. Even if you're not much of a cook, this cure is the perfect opportunity to stock up on some nice ingredients that will help motivate you to start. Good food is an affordable luxury and, much like fresh flowers, is a small yet significant step towards creating a better home life. As Maxwell says, "Cooking also "seasons" the home, literally. The smells of good cooking sink into your home, acting like pheromones and making it a cozier, more comforting place to come home to every day." The kitchen is also the place where other new or established green habits take effect: it's where you go to cook the food you've grown in your garden, where you compost your food scraps, where you recycle your containers, bottles, and paper, and where you install a faucet water filter.

We're in the middle of renovating, so we won't be moving in until a month's time. I hope this still gives me time to do the Cure! I'm focusing on the formal living room, cum-study, cum-playroom. It's trying to serve a lot of purposes and I would like to to (hopefully) do all of this without looking cluttered. -Singasong

The other focus of this week is fixing something yourself. The point of this is not just to get something fixed; it is to "get your energy into the bones of your home. Participation is like an electric charge, and by taking the time to pay attention and heal one small part of your home, it will be revitalized." So, not only are you taking the time to invest in your home with your own blood, sweat, and tears (although we hope you don't bleed or cry too much), you're also making due with what you have rather than throwing it out and and buying something new.

Finally, taking the time to touch all the walls is an observation exercise that will intimately acquaint you with the bones of your home. Chances are you've never done this before. (Painting doesn't count because it was the paint brush and not your hands that did the touching.) I think you'll be amazed at the things you'll discover: which walls are hot, which are cold, where there are drafts, where dirt has collected, etc. Having this information will help you think of ways to improve your home. Maybe you need to move some furniture, or remember to clean in that corner, or you'll find a crack or drafty place that needs to be stopped up.

And as added motivation to help you finish the cure, this week is also the time to plan for your housewarming party sometime in the beginning of December. Putting it on the calendar will help pull you through all eight weeks!

It just so happens that the start of fall cure fell during our 5th wedding anniversary, so this time around we started our cure with a party! Had around 20 people over this weekend and while everyone had a blast, our living/dining space is screaming for some warmth. After 2.5 years of heavy renovations throughout, our space needs some final touches to feel complete. -Wellfed1


How does your kitchen need help?


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