The Greenest Way to Stay Cool: The Ultra-Efficient Midway Eco Fan

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When it gets hot, one of the best ways to help the environment is to resist the temptation of the air conditioner and use a ceiling fan instead. Even if you do use the A/C, if you raise the temperature on your thermostat just a couple of degrees and sit under a fan, you’ll take a big chunk out of your energy bill (a savings of up to 14%). Wondering which fan to choose? Out of all the Energy Star-rated fans out there, the Midway Eco Fan is the most efficient of all. It’s not bad-looking, either.

The motor inside the Midway Eco Fan uses 75% less energy than other ceiling fans. The blades also have a more aerodynamic shape, so they can move 40% more air than the average fan blade, keeping you cooler. The light uses low-wattage fluorescent bulbs to save more energy. With all of these energy features combined, this fan is about three times more efficient than the next best ceiling fan on the Energy Star list! Pretty cool.

Price starts at $377 and can be purchased through these retailers.