The Grey Lady Takes a Fat Look at Blogs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Flatteringed. Did we open up the paper this morning and see our own picture? Sure did. Nerdy picture (Grace, that little minx, gets front and center with that sultry, come hither look…and Harry looks NOBLE).

But to the point. Our hat is off to the Old Lady. Despite a dust-up earlier this year as we posted with abandon and stepped on a few toes, rather than get all defensive, the Lady has blogged us. Good for them.

Hot Off the Web: Gossip and Design Guidance

It’s by super acoomplished Lockhart Steele of Curbed (and, soon, everything else in this town….) Now, back to work. (Thanks, Sara A., Mary H., and all the readers Lockhart contacted!) (Photo: Paxton) MGR