The Groupon for Handmade: Heartsy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have snagged some great deals through Groupon, but it hasn’t satiated our needs for handmade items around the house. Then what pops up on our screen? Heartsy! With nearly the same model as Groupon, just for handmade goods, Heartsy offers discounts on a variety of items that are sure to inspire.

Just enter in your email address and voila! You are ready to receive daily deals via email. Typically they offer multiple deals in a day, so make sure you click in and see all of the offerings. They range from gift cards, two- for-one sales, and over 50% off coupons.

Who said handmade had to be expensive? This is a great way to learn about new shops, while being budget conscious. Happy Heartsy-ing!

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(Image: Lushlee)