The Growing HDTV Screen Size Trend

The Growing HDTV Screen Size Trend

Chris Perez
Feb 27, 2012

Have you noticed how large the average TV screen size is becoming? I remember, back in the 8-bit video-game days, when I would wake up in the middle of the night to hook up the Nintendo system to my parents large living room TV (they didn't want me playing games on it). That TV was a beast at 27" and was the closest I ever got to the home theater experience then.

Nowadays you'll be hard pressed to find a TV under 32", with the norm being 46". How long can this trend continue? How big will our living rooms let us go?

The advent of HDTV and flat-screen technology sparked a growth spurt in the average TV size we put in our homes. This trend seems to be leveling off however, as illustrated by this interesting chart from Flowingdata.

Looking at the Top 10 best selling HDTVs of 2011, via Vann's, indicates that the 46" size does indeed seem to be at a stabilizing point for now.

Manufacturers may be out to prove otherwise though, with plans of bringing bigger and thinner sets to market. Sharp has an 80" model on the market today and Samsung is pushing it's largest model to 75" (from 60") this year. If the prices of these sets come down from the stratosphere, perhaps the average HDTV screen size could grow to as much as 60" by 2015 as suggested by a study from Sharp. That still seems hard to fathom, but I also wouldn't have imagined todays average when I was playing Duck Hunt on that 27" at nine years old.

What's the biggest TV size you'd want in your space?

(Images: 1. abu ilyas licensed for use under Creative Commons 2. FlowingData)

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