Fine Paints of Europe's New Guggenheim Collection

Fine Paints of Europe's New Guggenheim Collection

Mark Chamberlain
Nov 22, 2011

Fine Paints of Europe just announced the release of its new Guggenheim Color Collections and just when one wonders if the world has room for yet another paint product or palette on crowded store racks, the answer seems to be: why didn't anyone think of this before?

The Guggenheim Collection is really two color decks — one slim set based on past use in actual museum installations, and one larger deck inspired by paintings from the museum's collection itself. And how genius is that? They're letting the pros do the thinking for us on two fronts: time-tested curatorial selections (so that you, too, can have museum quality colors for your wall) and colors chosen by celebrated artists.

And by that I mean, if Modigliani paints a portrait or Cezanne paints a still life, I find that the colors represented in those interiors are definitely not Linen White. This is the perfect opportunity to find color inspiration in a work of art and then translate those hues to your own walls.

As I flip through these new color decks, I'm struck that it fairly well documents early Twentieth Century Modernism: there's Frank Lloyd Wright's Desert Rose, Corbusier Blue, Kandinsky Yellow; there are pre-war browns and camel, plumber's putty neutrals, and what I just have to call Peggy Guggenheim Red, though now I'm talking through my hat.

I decided to test a yellow, which I've photographed here, just to kick the tires. This is CC0064.

I still wrestle with clients who feel that the only colors appropriate to modern architecture are chalk white and those post-war suburban cupcake colors, which turn my stomach. Here, at last, is a definitive palette of interior colors for aficionados of modern art and architecture.

Images 1-6: Courtesy of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; 7: Mark Chamberlain

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