Adding Happiness at Home with Houseplants

Adding Happiness at Home with Houseplants

Kim R. McCormick
Dec 3, 2010

I have at least one plant in every room (all three of them) in my apartment. While it's partially for aesthetics, the big reason is that their presence literally livens things up.

Sarah Rae's post about ways to avoid having a depressing home got me thinking. Plants, and the fact that I have kept the ones in my place alive, make me happy. Especially now with shorter days and colder weather, my pothos, aloe, and jade are good reminders of sunnier times. (When it gets really dismal, I head to the U.S. Botanic Gardens.)

Given the sheer abundance of plants out there, there is at least one fit for any space. If you have low light, try sansevieria. For filtered light, pick up a bella palm. With more but still moderate light, you can grow pothos and jade. Cacti, aloe, and yucca will thrive in full sun. For many plants, there's also some flexibility in how much or how little light they will tolerate; just be sure to adjust your watering accordingly. My preferred rule of thumb for care is to find out where a plant is originally from and then try to replicate those conditions.

While I've had my share of plants die (I'm looking at you, maidenhair fern), in my humble opinion the easiest ones to keep alive and happy are pothos, peace lilies, and cacti.

Are you a plant person? What kind have you had good (or bad) luck with?

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Image: Adrienne Breaux, Nancy Mim's Playful and Patterned Home

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