Gaming Room vs. Living Room Dilemma

Gaming Room vs. Living Room Dilemma

Gregory Han
May 10, 2013

Q: So, form and function are butting heads in our boy + girl apartment living room.The room looks squished, with lots of seating, and enough storage for all our collective "stuff". But out of necessity, the room is rearranged regularly to accommodate my boy's gaming needs. I feel bad for "putting the furniture back" when clearly the problem is with the function of the arrangement... 

I'm wondering if other readers have better ideas about how to set up this room to be more "gamer" friendly. We're not sure if an over-the-bed/couch table would fit or even be helpful. Maybe we need to get rid of some of the seating, but he loves the big "comfy" couch and I love the smaller girly furniture. I'm not really sure where to start. All of the ergonomic gaming seating I've seen is, well, kinda ugly. Thanks in advance for ideas, folks!

Sent by Christina F.

Editor: Two quick suggestions to get the conversation started: 1) consider wall mounting the HDTV display to seated height (your boy shouldn't be seated on the floor) and getting a wider, low media cabinet to provide easy to hide storage for devices, consoles, cables, controllers, everything else related to the home entertainment setup; currently everything is out in the open, adding to the perception of a "squished" space. 

Additionally, 2) find seating which provides the long term comfort needed by gamers with a less significant physical footprint. I'm getting the sense you feel there's too much already in the room, and that's probably because of the leather upholstered seating. While comfortable looking, they seem proportionally out of place. Consider looking for less plump looking chairs, perhaps like these IKEA NOLMYRA easy chairs. With the HDTV wall mounted higher to a height aligned with eye level, your fella will be able to comfortably game without straining his back or moving furniture around.

Leave any additional observations, tips, or layout suggestions for Christina in the comments and hopefully we can all help solve their gamer's living room layout dilemma together!

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(Images: Christina F.; IKEA)

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