The Home Office as an O.C.D. Experience

The Home Office as an O.C.D. Experience

Gregory Han
Dec 18, 2012

Just how organized is the workspace of a professional organizer? Find out in this tour inside the home office of Justin Klosky, founder and Creative Director of O.C.D. Experience, a bi-coastal organizing service. (Plus, there's a bonus: Justin is offering up a few organizing tips tailored just for the holiday season.)

What year was your business established? What led to that point? I technically have been organizing since I could walk . . . no joke. I will have some stories about that in a book I am writing that comes out in December 2013. My business, the O.C.D. Experience, was founded in 2008 with the vision to help people find clarity in their lives through my own OCD practice -- thus birthing "Organize & Create Discipline," a bi-coastal service teaching organizational discipline in every area of your life.

With some hard work, despite days waking up not knowing what city I was in, and with an incredible group of supportive friends, the business continues to grow every year. When Oprah was in her heyday, very early on in my business, I got to work with her go-to organizer, Peter Walsh, who lent me some wisdom along the way (basically telling me to stay out of this crazy world!).

After working with Peter, I continued to build out different divisions of the O.C.D. Experience. I launched O.C.D. Events (Original & Creatively Designed) with Heather Schertz and started discussions on other aspects of the business. O.C.D. Experience also just finished working with Saks Fifth Avenue, Joss & Main, and the Container Store to develop strategic partnerships and product services. We are proud to be growing into a recognized national brand and taking on organizational consultants throughout the country while upholding a solid reputation.

Tell us what you're passionate about, what inspires you, and where you're going. I am inspired by people like myself who love to create, who yearn to grow and better themselves, and who will take an obstacle and turn it into scrap metal. I love photography and have a love for capturing vivid landscapes. ("Tommy the Tortoise," the large tortoise picture in my office, was something I captured that looks over me.) I am also passionate about my friends and put a lot of strength in maintaining solid relationships in my life. This carries over in working with O.C.D. clients and teaching them to Organize & Create Discipline. At the end of the day, your stuff is just a distraction from yourself. If you can be truthful with yourself about everything in your life, your stuff becomes less important, yet fun again. Next year I will speaking at colleges, high schools, and organizations throughout the USA about how being organized can change every aspect of your life.

Tell us about your space. Any special considerations that influenced its set up? What do you like or dislike? What would you change if you could? I consider everything when it comes to the way I setup my personal space. It is part of my OCD.

Our entire place has a specific purpose for living. It has been that way since I was a child. My favorite space right now is the O.C.D. Experience office. On the ground, I put in an red area rug, which fuels me, and an ottoman that doubles as a two-person window seat and storage for all our office supplies. Cork boards line the walls for organized visions, goals, and creative expectations. I brought in a large citrine crystal to add life and career energy, as well as "El Jeffe," our security guard -- an office plant of five years, who has traveled from NY to LA, LA to NY, and NY back. The best part of the office is the desk system I built from scratch; I've labeled it the "O.C.D. Desk System." (Did I mention that you can't see one wire, as the desk hides them all?)

I always like bad news first, so what I dislike about my office is how obsessive I can be about maintaining its structure and flow. Constantly thinking about space, not just outer space (which I love), can take up a lot of time and energy. It also affects the people around me, sometimes causing a little more stress than necessary.

The redeeming fact of this is that I have managed to make sure the positive moments of my space-obsessing outweighs the negative. My office is always clean and my desk never has piles. I then get to help clients throughout the world make stronger choices about their personal space, thought process, and decisions through my practices.

What I would change? I would revamp the desk system, which is in its second prototype process! I have some new organizational solutions that will be incorporated into the next one.

You have an Aeron Chair in your space. Why did you choose it? I have three, actually. I got my first Aeron because I used to work for a talent agency and I remember all the agents having these big, comfortable, ergonomically-correct office chairs. I was 18 and wanted one so bad. The moment I had my own working office, I got one. A few years later, I needed more chairs and had no choice but to buy two more because they all had to match.

Any must-know organization tips that you can share? Here are some quick tips for the upcoming holiday season: Make sure that you go through your belongings prior to receiving your gifts to make room for the new things in your life. If you are buying something for yourself to replace an older model or version of an item, let go of the older one before the new item arrives. Also, teach your children the value of belongings and let them tell you what they like or dislike. This will empower them and make it easier for you to shop and not waste your money or time.

(Images: Justin Klosky / O.C.D. Experience)

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