The Home Office of Chris Pirillo

The Home Office of Chris Pirillo

Gregory Han
Aug 13, 2010

Seattle-based Chris Pirillo calls himself a technologist. He is certainly at home in the online world. His work includes gigs as a television host, magazine columnist, blogger, author, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and publisher of, a technology website and content publishing company. He launched The Chris Pirillo Show online audio broadcast for tech enthusiasts from around the world. He also has two very cute dogs (see below). Here we get a tour of his real-life world.

How long have you worked from home? And where is home? I've been working from home most of my adult life. It all began with the Lockergnome newsletter - wherein I shared tips, tricks, and hints with fellow geeks. That has now grown into a blogging network where we have people regularly writing about a wide array of subjects.

While I'm addicted to gadgets and technology in general, my passion lies in bringing people together and helping them realize their goals and dreams. This happens in places such as my blog, our social community, my live video stream, and our newly-launched questions and answers service.

Describe your style? How would you define your aesthetic? Simple. Clean. Black or silver whenever possible. I don't do frou-frou! I want my environment to be comfortable, but I also remain well-organized. I tend not to keep my my workspace cluttered with unnecessary items. If you look at my home office, you'll notice that most of the things on or around my desk flow together nicely. This makes it easier for me to do what "must be done" and not have to worry about searching for whatever it is I might need.

How do you keep your office organized? I'm thinking here of the physical space but also your computer. Are there any particular programs you find really useful? Everything is easily accessible, and typically organized by function – even on my computer systems. I keep a minimal amount of applications running on any given screen, and my Mac OS X dock has very few icons in it other than what might be running at the time. If I'm not using something, I usually shelve it – or give it away to friends or my community supporters. Can't really do that with software, mind you.

>When you were setting up your home office what did you keep in mind? "Accessibility" was number one on my list, with comfort being a very close second. When you spend as many hours every day in that chair as I do, you need to have important items within reach. Why waste time having to hunt things down or get up to fetch them constantly? Now, if only I could figure out a way to have a coffee barista over in the corner, I'd have it made.

People look at my desk and want to know where I picked it up – all the way down to the types of lights I used in my hutch. What's interesting is that I never planned to accommodate those lights when I first assembled the desk. They just… fit.

What's even more interesting is just how many people have done their best to emulate my entire work environment and live video feed "look and feel" for their own rooms: check here – and that's not even the full list! And yes, people ALWAYS ask about my chair.

Is there any piece of home office furniture you covet? Honestly, if I need something, I figure out a way to get ahold of it – even if it means having to sell something I'm not using as much anymore. I even have a video game arcade cabinet in here… if that counts as furniture?

What is a desk accessory you can't do without? I'd have to say that would be my USB hub. I am a USB accessory junkie, and I cannot begin to imagine where I'd be without my hub to keep everything connected!

What would you change about your own workspace? Hardwood floors. Right now, I'm rolling over carpet… and I much prefer a surface which doesn't demand constant vacuuming.

What do you most love about your space? It's perfect for me in the way I've set it up. In a traditional office environment, you never come close to what you need, what you want, how you want it to be - no matter how much you rearrange things or add items. It's always just an office created by someone else for you to use. For me, my space is ME – through and through.

What inspires you? Oh, there are many things that keep me going… good design, good people, good coffee. Well, coffee doesn't inspire me as much as it helps me get ready to be inspired.

Above is a Lego version of Chris's office.

Originally published at Lifework by Cerentha Harris

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