The Homies 2008: 1.5 Hours to Go!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Polls close tonight at 8pm.

>> Vote on Children’s Design here.

Today’s the last day to vote for your favorite home blogs, check out ones you’ve never seen and spread some link love. Click on any of the five links below. Trouble logging in or voting. Sorry! We’re working on it and we have some fixes below the jump.

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Trouble Voting?

For people who’ve had voting problems — there was a bug in the “superlogout” code that made logging out of thekitchn (and unplggd, re-nest and ohdeedoh) impossible. If you’ve had trouble voting, please try the logout link again and let us know if it works.

Also, if the “answer survey” button is grayed out, try holding down shift and reloading the page. Sometimes the survey form gets stuck in the browser cache in the “not logged in” state and that should clear it out.

For AT voters, who want to register to vote, go to our AT community page to sign in.

To contact us directly: support @ apartmenttherapy . com