The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2008?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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Hey everyone, I’ve appended a note below the jump, which I hope will calm people’s emotions, and added the full list of 125 nominations for you all to see (sorry, if I missed a few. It was hard to cull sites that weren’t listed by URL). This is a treasure trove which is not to be missed. All nominations here. All prizes & info here.

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Thanks to all of you who sent in nominations for this year’s best Home Design Blog. We received over 400 comments and over 100 amazing nominations which you should all check out. We whittled the field down to eight based on your comments and a few other factors including how often they posted, if they were a standalone blog, how new long they’d been around and/or how closely they spoke to home design as a category (yours didn’t make it this year? There’s always next year). You can check out all the nominations in the comments in this post and vote on your favorite of the top six here.

2008 Best Home Design Blog Nominations*



Hi everyone. It seems that there’s some end of the year grumpiness all over the web. I’m very sorry if we’ve been a cause of it, but let me explain.

There are a number of blog and web awards and NONE of them have a category for all the home and home decor sites that I love to read.

I decided to start this very informal award because I wanted to get something started. Our mission from the beginning has always been to help people in their homes and to connect them to great resources. This is one way of doing it.

It also comes out of very genuine interest in seeing what other decor blogs are out there, seeing what people are reading and loving and sharing traffic through our sites.

(Private note: When Sara and I were on the Oprah show, they wouldn’t allow anyone to say “Apartment Therapy” on the show, nor would they allow a link to it on their website. Corporate websites jealously guard their links and don’t like to link “out”. I wanted this to be an example of the opposite.)

Is this a big traffic play for AT?

No. This is not going to affect our traffic in any big way during the slowest days of the year.

Is it a way of generating traffic and awareness for this whole group of blogs?

I hope so. While I can’t prove it, I would bet that all of you have clicked on a few links and gone to a few blogs above that you’ve never heard of before.

Heck, I’ve been checking out all the blogs on the nominating list and will be adding many of them to my bookmarks for 2009. There’s some awesome talent here. I hope that you do too.

This awards thing is far from perfect and VERY informal. It’s meant to be.

Focus on the good that is in this list and allow us the honor of connecting us all together a little closer. As we all know, the web works well when everyone works together and this rising tide will lift all the ships.

NOW, in reading Anna from Door Sixteen’s email, I realize that while she deserves that people love her blog, she doesn’t (nor does anyone else on the list) deserve to have pot shots taken at her, NOR are comments really necessary at this phase as they can only lead to this sort of thing. So, for the voting phase over here at AT, i’ve turned them off. Please feel free to vote or not.

Happy 2009!


FULL NOMINATIONS LIST (this took a long time to code….) One more I forgot!
Surroundings Another one I forgot.

*Note: this year’s winner is ineligible to be one of next year’s finalists.