The iBooks Quandary: Buggy But Gorgeous

The iBooks Quandary: Buggy But Gorgeous

Range Govindan
Dec 13, 2011

Tablets are fun and recent studies have shown that most people use theirs to consume media in some form. For us, it's books. We bought our iPad mainly to read books, and as such, iBooks is the most used app. The problem is that iBooks can get buggy, especially if you have a lot of books.

Having recently purchased a 64GB iPad 2 3G, we quickly spent our weekend setting it up, which was somewhat painful because we encountered a problem syncing our thousands of books. Yes, thousands. We've been reading ebooks for years on our laptops, but only recently got heavily involved in the format. Most of the books we read now are ebooks. It makes getting and ordering books really easy, and with so many free ones available, it makes sense to read them this way. Naturally, we prefer paper books, when we have the option, but ultimately the iPad, or any ebook reader, makes this format even more relevant.

When you sync too many books with iTunes, you might encounter a problem trying to access them on your iOS device in iBooks. This can get extremely frustrating, as the app tries and tries to boot up, but only ends up crashing again and again.

1. There are a few different reasons why this is happening. The first has to do with a PDF file that you probably tried to sync, which had a digital rights issue. Since this could be one file among hundreds or thousands, it can be problematic to find.

2. The other reason could be that since you are trying to sync so many books at one, iTunes doesn't do a complete job.

1. You'll have to find the file that is causing this problem, most probably by going through your library, removing all of the PDF files, and adding them one by one to eliminate the culprit. This can get tedious, depending on how many PDF ebooks you have.

2. This is an easier problem to solve. You just continually sync your iPad through iTunes. In our case, we did it for about an hour and ended up clearing up the problem completely. iBooks hasn't crashed since, which is important since we use our iPad extensively to read and consult books.

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