iFaraday Stylus Offers a Smoother Touch

iFaraday Stylus Offers a Smoother Touch

Jason Rodway
Oct 3, 2011

Product: iFaraday Capacitive Stylus
Price: $10.00
Rating: Recommend*

Despite Mr. Jobs take about using a stylus as being 'wrong', one of the first things we imagined was how the creative community would love utilizing the iPad as a digital canvas with the aid of a stylus. We've looked at several iPad stylus options in the past, and even seen a cheap DIY version. However, we purchased the iFaraday (LOST viewers and science buffs may recognize this stylus is named after British chemist/physicist, Michael Faraday), a lesser known option that we believe is worth consideration when weighing price vs. performance.

The iFaraday is available in various versions: Basic, Artist, Shallow Angle, and even one designed for medical professionals. The Basic model is slightly shorter than the higher end options, but the affordable price makes it an easy purchase. The iFaraday Artist is a step up and features a longer, sturdier body which makes it feel more like a pen than anything we've ever used on an iPad. Like a traditional artist's toolbox, the Artist Pack comes with three bundled styli to give a range of freestyle illustrating options.

The iFaraday SALT (Shallow Angle Light Touch) has a full ball tip edge to recreate the sensation of writing with a traditional writing instrument There's also the iFaraday RX which is like the SALT but with a fancier, more professional design (much like a ballpoint pen.)

As for how it works and differs from other popular styli: rather than the conductive foam of something like the Pogo line or rubber of Targus and Wacom Bamboo brands, the iFaraday uses a soft cloth tip which smoothly glides across the screen. We particularly like this smoother tactile sensation. But the stylus is designed to react just like the human finger, responding to the lightest touch, which has been a personal gripe of ours with our other stylus, the Pogo Sketch (alongside wear and tear issues). The tip is a little bit wider than we'd like, making it difficult when trying to illustrate or write finer details.

More and more products are trying to figure out a way around the electromagnetic requirements of the capacitive touch screen dilemma and recreate the recognizable feel and feedback of traditional writing tools. The iFaraday does a solid job of working well with graphic apps on tablets; in our experience, this stylus brings us similar pros and cons as all the others but we've yet to come across one that replicates the feel of a pencil so well.

Pros: Affordable price, range of different models for different users, smooth travel thanks to cloth tip, firm or soft tip hardness.
Cons: Thicker tip makes stylus harder to use for finer details; clip construction is a bit weak

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