The Importance of Displaying Children’s Art in the Home

updated Mar 11, 2020
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I was visiting a new friend’s home for the first time recently and my favorite personal touch was that she had framed and hung a series of her son’s superhero drawings. Not only did they look great, I’m sure it made her son feel great seeing them gracing the family’s walls. I resolved to do something similar at home as a way to honor my son and show him that he is as important as anyone else who lives here, even if I don’t let him pick out the new curtains.

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Displaying your child’s work shows them their creative efforts are valued, it builds their confidence and, quite simply, can be an expression of your love for them. Here are 25 examples of children’s art proudly displayed throughout the home from as simple as taping up a gallery of paintings to more permanent, framed layouts.

  1. Julie’s Vermeer-Worthy Apartment in Paris
  2. Abbey Nova’s Home on A Cup of Jo
  3. Kid-Created Canvas Artwork on Small Shop Studio
  4. Playroom in Paula Joye’s Home on LifeStyled
  5. Mila Goes Pink & Green Bedroom
  6. Leila’s Room on Velvet & Linen
  7. Henri’s Cozy, Playful Room
  8. Claire’s Sustainable & Stylish Family Home
  9. Bohemian Eclectic Kids Room on Lonny
  10. Francis & Jane Create from Scratch for Growing Family
  11. Pam & Bryan’s Comfortably Creative Family Home
  12. The Roeder’s Modern Life is Beautiful
  13. Jennifer’s Designer Touch for a Spanish Style Home
  14. Rachel & Mark’s Bright, Beautiful London Home
  15. Ana Creates a Community at Home
  16. My Room: Beatrice & Ambrose (the smiley face art was actually made by the mother when she was a child – love!)
  17. Shelley & Reed’s Creative Cottage
  18. Dee’s Dual Craft & Playroom
  19. My Room: Everett (canvas painted by a 4-year-old sister to welcome her new brother)
  20. My Playroom: Kaitlynn
  21. Before & After: Colorful Kids’ Art in the Dining Room on Pure Style Home
  22. Olivia & Emma’s Shared Room Gets Personal
  23. Claire’s Sustainable & Stylish Family Home
  24. Camilla Freeman-Topper’s Home on Vogue Australia
  25. Framed Art in the Living Room on The Artful Parent