The Incredible 2-in-1 Loo! Perfect for Men and Women

The Incredible 2-in-1 Loo! Perfect for Men and Women

Range Govindan
Jun 5, 2009

We can't remember the amount of times that we've heard people complain about the fact that the seat of the toilet was up and "someone" didn't put it down. It's almost always men who do this since they can use the toilet standing up. Instead of getting riled at your partner for doing this continually, why don't you just get this fabulous transforming toilet?

This Ultimate Clean Toilet was designed by Young Sang Eun and it's intended for public bathrooms. We can't see why this can't be used in any home though. At first glance, this doesn't really look like a toilet. Initially, it looks like a fancy urinal, like something that you'd see at a fancy club. This toilet actually turns around. On one side, you have a urinal and at the flick of a button, it swishes around and becomes a sit-down toilet. It uses steam and UV lights to clean itself as well. Hopefully when this is available, both men and women will enjoy using it. We have to say that it looks pretty cool. It's a fact that toilets haven't really changed since they've been invented. Sure, we moved from a hole in the ground to toilets, but since toilets have existed, there haven't been many improvements on them.

That's why this Ultimate Clean Toilet is a great idea. First of all, it's pretty clean. Sure, it won't clean itself completely, but at least it will get rid of some grime. Second, the fact that you just push a button and it changes shapes just makes it really cool in our eyes. Another one of those transforming pieces of furniture, thanks to modern technology. [via Yanko Design, images by Young Sang Eun]

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