This New Furniture Collection is Inspired by Menswear, Just in Time for Fashion Week

published Sep 10, 2019
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Credit: The Inside

It’s New York Fashion Week, and while clothes aren’t something we write about very often, it’s undeniable that what we wear and how we decorate draw from the the same trends and inspiration. Plus, when home furnishings startup The Inside announces a new collection inspired by menswear, we take notice.

Suiting-inspired textiles are always in fashion, from classic pinstripes to professorial tweed—and the company just debuted three new fabric patterns that you can mix and match with their current line of decor and furniture, from sofas and chairs to throw pillows and bed frames. They include Ziggurat, an homage to the Art Deco age; Scattered Dot, an all-over dot pattern inspired by vintage ties; and Fairfield Stripe, a handsome, classic pinstripe reminiscent of the suits of yesteryear.

We chatted with Christiane Lemieux, co-founder and CEO of The Inside, about why menswear is the inspo du jour.

Credit: The Inside

Apartment Therapy: Is menswear inspiration trendy, timeless, or both?

Christiane Lemieux: Both! Traditional suiting and iconic menswear fashions are a constant source of inspiration for design, but there’s something about the moment right now that feels particularly relevant. From the transition into the colder months and the return to layers and texture, to the revival of cultural touchstones like “Queer Eye,” menswear is having a major moment. 

AT: What was the impetus to intro this collection now? Were there specific menswear inspirations?

CL: The space we’ve carved out in the home furnishings space has very much spoken to both traditional decorating staples and of-the-moment trends. The menswear collection is our opportunity to offer the customer something in between those two, by both providing more decorating staples (such as the dot pattern and small-scale geometrics), but through the lens of traditional mens suiting. Specific inspirations include everything from the classic pinstripe suit, to vintage tie patterns, to the elegance of the Art Deco age—a time in which glamour was not only reserved for feminine styles.

Credit: The Inside

AT: Fashion and interiors trade trends back and forth—does one usually come first? Any memorable examples from history?

CL: History will tell you that fashion informs interiors, but in the age of social media, the lines have become increasingly blurred. One memorable example can be seen in the 1970s, when fashion was all about glam and bold uses of color. If you look at ’70s interiors, that manifested itself in equally sexy and bold design—from chrome to shag carpeting.

AT: “Bachelor pad” conjures up some pretty sad spaces—is tackling that stereotype part of the goal?

CL: We’re here to challenge that “bachelor pad” stereotype by celebrating a space that can have a masculine edge, while redefining what that even means. It doesn’t mean that a man necessarily inhabits that space, but instead alludes to a mix of materials that incorporates rich woods and polished metals, paired with textiles from our collection that are reminiscent of a beautifully tailored suit.

Editor’s note: Apartment Therapy Media CEO Maxwell Ryan is an investor in The Inside.