The Inside Out: Amy’s Micro Palace in Detail!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Amy
Location: Village
Apartment Size: 350 sqft.
Favorite: “I think my favorite element is the mix of textures and materials – that, and living my childhood dream of a clawfoot tub.”

Amy looked great when she greeted me at the door of her apartment. I took it to be the glow of accomplishment. Apartment Therapy first exposed Amy’s Micro Palace to its readers in late January 2005 and listed all of her hard won resources….

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Since then, Amy has been scouting and cutting, hemming, and pounding—to reach what is truly a manifestation of the original micro palace vision.

As Amy says in her own words, “I feel like a crazy person when I explain all that I have done to you. I now understand why apartment therapy means so much to me”.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We stand on the back of her custom built convertible couch to examine the little pockets she has sewn into the hem to house each of the clips that attach to the rings that hang from the rods to hold up her raw silk yellow/red thread—warped and woofed respectively—orange-appearing floor to ceiling curtains.

We talk about the stencil clearing house she found online where she was able to buy out-of-production vintage Ralph Lauren stencils that might be used to accent the walls in her “sleeping cupboard” otherwise known as her bedroom. These are just a few examples of the level of detail that Amy has achieved over the past 9 months to make her apartment her home.

“I was never a neat person”, admits Amy. But now that the apartment is all hers—full of objects and arrangements that were all the result of her personal style decisions—she says she feels inspired to maintain order.

When Amy first met with her architects, the Thread Collective, they asked her to imagine the kind of life she wanted to live in this apartment. Now, Amy says, “it feels possible in a way that with the chaos it never did.”

Because she doesn’t want to succumb to the “just for now” approach to apartment building, there have been interminable periods of time where things just weren’t the way Amy wanted them to be. In facing the challenges head on, she has been forced to follow through with each excruciating detail. Having a deadline, such as this column, incited her to do “one of these hemorrhages” wherein she will work uninterrupted for a couple of hours and finally “feel like I am making progress.”

Near the final lap, Amy has some questions for her attentive and opinionated audience:
1. What to do with the storage space over the bar? (some of Amy’s ideas include clustering different colored glass; mounting a series of stop animation—photographs of a series; fresh flowers
2. How to further define the bedroom to reduce the overwhelming yellow? (Amy might put a white curtain over the existing gold one; do some stenciling along the edge of the walls; put up shelves/catwals just below the ceiling on which the cat can walk
3. How to eliminate the echo in the bedroom?
4. What to do about lighting in the living room?

In all, it is unquestionably impressive.

Piscopo Iron Works: Metal Shelves in kitchen (Brooklyn)
Twenty Gauge: Pantry–1930’s Lawyer Shelves restored
ISS Shelving: Brackets for bookshelves
Michael Anchin Glass (Elizabeth St): Pendant Lamp over dining table
SchoolHouseElectric Ceiling light fixture in kitchen–This company restores and stocks school related stuff
Carlyle Sofas They will custom size and upholster any couch and are known for their convertibles.

Originally Posted on September 13th, 2005