NY House Tour: The Revival of a Greek Revival

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Jacquie (Designer/Project Manager)
Location: West Village
Size: 3000 sqft
Favorite: The opportunity to “update and recreate a part of history.”


Jacquie was hired to restore a 4 story, 1830’s Greek Revival building in the West Village to its original glory. Over the centuries, the building morphed from a single unit to multiple units that were eventually merged, subdivided, and now merged yet again. The current owners want to live on the upper 3 floors, with a rental unit at the garden level, and a club/entertainment area in the cellar.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Jacquie oversaw the demo, the design, the permitting, and the construction of the entire structure. It took about a year from the beginning of the project until the owners moved in last November, but there are still some loose ends on the roof, in the garden, in the rental unit, and in the cellar.

Afforded a lot of design freedom, Jacquie set out to create a space that respected the history of the building with a tastefully modernized classic decor. She wanted to streamline and minimize as much as possible, but also to make it feel homey. For Jacquie, that meant soft edges–rounded archways, and the hand-painted faux-wallpaper in many of the rooms.

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At the same time as preserving original features of the building, Jackquie knew her clients would appreciate modern conveniences such as a built in, centralized sound system throughout the house and a remote control gas-log in the fireplace.

In the kitchen, Jacquie says she was “anti-Viking, anti-stainless, anti-sub-zero.” Rather than a cold steel kitchen, she opted for all the warmth of all white with a splash of sea blue from the Aga range. The space comes across as sophisticated and beautiful.

Originally Posted on February 22, 2006
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