NY House Tour: Michael and Walker's Last Great Deal

NY House Tour: Michael and Walker's Last Great Deal

Jill Slater
Jul 7, 2008

Name: Michael and Walker
Location: Chelsea
Apartment Size: 1100 sqft. condo
Favorite: Books and 1950's daybed (Michael), that they were able to find such a good deal on a Chelsea apt. when everyone said it couldn't be done; and the dishwasher (Walker)

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In February, Michael and Walker, moved across the street from their penthouse, pre-war, rental in London Terrace to a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor of this three-story building. The move was primarily motivated by a financial offer too good to pass up. They miss their former home with all its light and detailing but are determined to embrace their new space...

In fact, Michael and Walker have dedicated much of the past 6 months to renovation and re-design, foregoing any and all summer vacation opportunities. The duplex, a former sex club, needed a lot of work to get it from then to now.

The 4 large hooks hanging overhead in what is now the living room would have to be removed, the coat check downstairs would become the master bedroom, the black paint on the windows facing the street would be stripped away, ivy would be planted over the cinderblocks out front, kitchen walls would come down, bedroom walls would go up, the floor would be sanded and stained.

Now that the basics have been taken care of, Michael and Walker can concentrate on design. Their tastes and opinions often diverge. Walker wants to "flip the apartment in 2 years" and Michael edits his prophecy with an "at least [2 years]." Walker wouldn't mind a very modern and minimalist approach to the interior whereas Michael enjoys the mixing of various vintage styles and the infusion of bright colors via fabric and paint. "Even though he's the lawyer and I'm the architect, Walker's surprisingly more opinionated [on issues of interior design]" admits Michael. So, they debate, and they move furniture around, and eventually, the idea that incorporates both pragmatism and an agreed aesthetic appeal wins.

Michael and Walker do agree on the ultimate qualities they aim for in their home-- a soothing, warm and homey environment via a modest budget. Lighting is crucial to their approach. Walker added dimmers to every light source for more flexibility and range. In addition to the staples that might come from more generic furnishing sources, both Michael and Walker have made an effort to find and incorporate "special or unique pieces over the years to make it more complex." Whether this is a Jackson Pollack copy painted by Walker himself or a salvaged 1950's office credenza, the result is anchored, confident, and inviting.

Resources: Just Shades --Walker swears by their service as they have provided the perfect shade for every ebay lamp purchase, lamp inheritance, and curbside lamp he owns.

Originally Posted August 24th, 2005
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