House Tour: Striping My Wall New York

House Tour: Striping My Wall New York

Jill Slater
Oct 30, 2006

I have been engaged in an epic journey with my wall, 130 square feet worth of wall to be exact.

My only materials are blue painter's tape and a box cutter. With said box cutter, I create centimeter thin strips of tape, peel the tape and put it on the wall. These photos reveal my near completion of the striping phase.

Following the striping phase will be the painting-the-wall-green phase. Following the painting phase will be the pulling-the-tape-off-the-wall phase.

Do you have an idea for a house tour? Let me know!

Some people are impressed and other people worry about me when they see or hear about my project. I, however, find it therapeutic. I look forward to the final version, but the good thing is that I don't mind the current state at all. The blue is a pleasant sort of interim phase and the green will be permanent and uplifting.

Yes, it's all finished now, and everyday I see those stripes, I smile, and I recognize the infathomable inner strength that possessed me for a few months last year.

And if you need more, here is a video from the Weekend Therapy archives....

In what is sure to become a classic, Jill Slater has sent in this week's video to tutor us all in the fine points of imperfectly but humanely striping your own walls (see before pics here). Dr. Clark ov Saturn, broadcasts this week from somewhere mountainous and woodsy (NORAD?) and doesn't get dizzy. Enjoy!

Originally Posted October 19th, 2005
Follow-Up Video Originally Aired on April 8th, 2006
Final Phase Slideshow new for today.
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