The Inside Out: Harold is Just Zen About it (Week #1)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Harold is a tough bargainer, able to use heavy machinery, and has high-end tastes in interior design. He also is very clear about his goals. Harold lives in a small studio apartment in the West Village that he recently purchased for well under market value.

It is a classic, non-descript, 60’s era Manhattan apartment for which he has grand plans. In an effort to reflect New York in all its urban glory, he has chosen to renovate the apartment with a focus on glass, metal and stone.

Together with a small Design-Build firm, he has drafted a plan for the apartment that depends upon the demo of the bathroom and kitchen as well as a couple of walls. In order to cut costs, Harold has done all the leg work securing materials and is now well under way in doing all the demolition, himself.

In total, Harold has spent about 25 hours demolishing the apartment, 12 hours working with the design-build firm and countless hours hunting and gathering supplies on the internet at and; and in the brick and mortar world, at Grainger. It was at the latter–a New York appliance institution–where I met Harold. We both found ourselves staring at a beautiful Kitchen Aid gas range, trying to decide if it was more or less beautiful than the Bosch.

In terms of his apartment, Harold knows what he likes and is willing to be patient to achieve it. He says he is being “Zen about it” and not succumbing to the permanent state of stress usually associated with a major renovation.