The Inside Out: Jill's DIY Demolition

The Inside Out: Jill's DIY Demolition

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 7, 2005

Don't try this at work. As we mentioned the day before yesterday, Jill is back in town and going at nesting like Arnold Schwarzenegger goes at politics, with total disregard for preexisting codes of ethical conduct. Her latest was a decision to demolish the sheet rock around a large I-Beam in her sleeping loft.

(We particularly like the semi-erotic relationship that this discovery has created within her bedroom: "The steel beam is a bastion of strength and simplicity." and "[this] destruction becomes more comfortable of a phenomenon")

She's on the scene now. Over to you Jill...

Like discovering good news in a fortune cookie, a great flavor gum inside a Tootsie Blow-Pop, or a $20 bill inside an old pair of jeans, I found a steel I-beam inside an ugly, bulky column in my sleeping loft....

It brought me great glee to destroy said column. To me, that was the best confirmation of my ownership rather than rentership of this space that was to be my home. I could do whatever I wanted, (with the coop board's permission of course). I got so excited that I began to look around the apartment to see what else I could destroy.

I started out small, dainty and lady-like using a small hand saw to slice away small pieces of sheet rock. Then, I had a friend come over and get out her aggression by Karate kicking said column. This worked much more effectively.

After that, it was just a matter of pulling out the thin metal framing and disposing of the debris. The pearl that remains is a solid icon of the industrial days of my apartment building and my neighborhood. The steel beam is a bastion of strength and simplicity. I now consider it the crown jewel of my apartment.

I am thinking of exposing the cross beams as well but want to do a bit more investigating to see if I am putting myself in engineering jeopardy.

The point is, that once you have seen a bathroom ripped down to its barest existence and then put back together again, destruction becomes more comfortable of a phenomenon. I have overcome the fear of broken walls and such because I know there is plaster and putty and all kinds of fillers to mend my cracks and gaps and such.

Taking things apart, including plaster walls, column sheathing, etc, can bring extra space to your apartment as well as unique architectural features that were once thought best hidden.

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