The Inside Out: Mott Street Micro Palace Week #2

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Movin on up… With a number of fixtures still to be completed, Amy has done what all New Yorker’s do; she’s moved in. Camping out in your own apartment is a right of passage, but never sweeter when day by day, new goodies arrive (Still, it would be nice if it were already done).

Now, it may not look like much yet, but it’s a hell of a lot better than last week, and still has the pretty parts to come. It’s not furnished and curtains and sliding doors are still missing, but SO MUCH has gone into the floors, walls, bathroom, plumbing and LEGAL PAPERWORK with the city, that you can’t see. A little more patience… (Photos: Thanks, Jill!) MGR

Amy’s TILE Tips:

Hall floor: Mosaic House
Amazing selection of moroccan tile. The only green floor tile I was able to find in the city. (62 W. 22nd St. 212-414-2525)

Bathroom: Subway Tile
The irony of buying subway tile from a place in Madison, Wisconsin was balanced out by how much cheaper it was than any place around town. Other than going on Christman vacation and forgetting to tell me that they hadn’t shipped my tile, they were fine to deal with. The tiles have a satin/matte finish, unlike the usual gloss.

Bathroom stripe: Bisazza Mosaico in Maiorca
From the Bisazza showroom on Greene Street. It’s worth going in there just to look and touch. It’s the same price everywhere, and Bisazza can get you anything they have direct from their warehouse. It only sells in boxes of 11 ft, so if anyone would like to buy the remaining tiles (~7 sq feet) let me know.

Floor tile: Nemo Tile
3/4 round penny tiles in cobalt
I really don’t like them (they misquoted prices to me) but they had it in stock at about 60% the price of Anne Sacks (the other place that had it). (Thanks, Amy!)