The Intra-Neighborhood Move

The Intra-Neighborhood Move

Regina Yunghans
Aug 8, 2011

When I settled in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn in the early 2000's, I had just moved to the city and knew nothing about what an amazing place I had stumbled upon. When I moved three years later, it was only a matter of blocks.

Intra-neighborhood moves are strange things: maybe you've found a larger place or a deal you just can't pass up. Almost always, though, people making intra-neighborhood moves love where they live. Why else would you put all of that effort into a move just to relocate down the block? Some peculiarities to the intra-neighborhood move based on my own expereince:

  • Some items can be carried - that's right: simply hand carried - from the old house to the new one. I remember loading up a wheeled laundry hamper and pushing it down the sidewalk from my old place to my new. It contained all of the essentials for setting up the new place before the truck arrived. If the new place is close enough, you might even get a few large items down the street, sans-truck!
  • Your neighbors stay the same. So do all of your haunts, laudromatte, and commute.
  • It's wonderful because you have the excitement of a new home with the comfort of familiar surroundings right outside your door. It's really a confidence boost and makes you settle even deeper into your little corner of the city because you realize how much things stay the same even when you shake up your own life a little.

I have to say that the intra-neighborhood move was one of the best moving memories I have. What about you? Have you experienced one? What were your reasons for moving but staying near?

Image: Google Map all gussied up by Regina Yunghans

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