The Invisible Things Around the House That Are Worth Spending Money On

published Sep 23, 2015
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These are not your sexy showstopper purchases. In fact, no one (except you) will probably even know these things exist. But that’s okay. Your life will be miles better if you spend some bucks on this stuff.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

An organizational system

Money spent on setting your space up for organizational success will never be wasted. What these helpers costs in cash (which, ahem, can be very little if you recognize the simple power of a recycled shoebox), it will make up for over and over in time saved. And don’t forget the stress-busting lift you get when you’re able to find what you need quickly and easily. The sooner you set this up, the longer you’ll be able to benefit.

Energy efficiency

Be it appliances or insulation, the smartest money move you can make at home is one that will pay back your investment (and more) in savings. Getting that utility bill down is priority number one. It’s good for our resources and good for your wallet. Why not?

Responsible manufacturing

The things you buy tell manufacturers what your priorities are. If you use your dollars to support business that behave responsibly towards their workers and the environment, they will know that those are valuable practices that they should keep doing (and other manufacturers may even follow suit). This could mean choosing organic cotton or avoiding companies with human right’s violations. Becoming more mindful won’t necessarily show up in your decor, but you’ll know you can feel great about what you own.

Preventative maintenance

True story: every time I buy a new pair of shoes, I take them to my shoe guy and pay an extra 25 bucks to have him add a layer of protective rubber to the sole. Why would I add cost to a new pair of shoes? Because I know that those babies will last me years longer with the update. I spend a little to get a lot more out of them. The same idea applies to so many things around your home. Doing a little maintenance (even if it means spending a little money) before you’ve got a problem on your hands will save you in cash, time and hassle.

Good bones

We often talk about bones in terms of apartment features you can see, but think about the actual skeleton inside the last piece of furniture you bought. What kind of wood is inside your sofa? What are the cushions stuffed with? Is your bedside table held together with glue or something more substantial? You should think about these questions before you buy so you know exactly what you’re getting. After all, quality is often about what you can’t see.