The iPad Apps We Paid for & Those We Didn't

The iPad Apps We Paid for & Those We Didn't

Range Govindan
Dec 14, 2011

The App Store recently clocked in with over 100 million downloads this year, and it comes as no surprise that it's quite successful. The one stop shop for apps of all kinds makes it easy to find what you're looking for. We've recently set up an iPad 2, and here are some of the apps that we purchased, and some that we didn't.

1. Writer: Writer has been by far our favorite minimal text editing app, and it's currently selling for $1.99, making it a bargain for on iPads.

2. Sword and Sorcery: One of our favorite iOS games, that comes with some retro styling to make it that much cooler.

3. Geometry Wars Touch: We were addicted to all of the previous versions of this game, and this version is no exception. Extremely hard and unforgiving, it's definitely a must if you're a hardcore gamer.

4. Flipboard: Flipboard is the way to consume and consult the different feeds that you follow. It turns your sites into beautiful magazine-style pages.

5. Microsoft OneNote: This marks the first time that OneNote has appeared on any kind of Mac, and we're happy with it. To make it even better, it's free.

6. Dictionary Thesaurus: Whether you've got a 3G model or not, keeping an app around that lets you double-check stuff is a good way of ensuring that you make no spelling mistakes, even if you can access definitions directly now in iOS without an app. It comes in handy when you are using your iPad as a dictionary, spell-checking stuff you're actually writing by hand.

7. Kindle: This app gives you access to thousands of free classic ebooks, so it's definitely something that all bibliophiles will love.

8. Stanza: Perfect ebook-reading app for all those formats that iBooks doesn't recognize.

9. Find iPhone: Has your iPhone been stolen? Then find it with this free app.

10. Dropbox: This is probably the easiest way of transferring files to and fro your iPad, and since the initial storage of 2GB is ample enough space for us, it's a life-saver.

Favorite Note-Taking App
Finding Your Stolen iPhone

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