The iPhone 3.0 OS Preview: Plenty of Features...But Is It Enough?

The iPhone 3.0 OS Preview: Plenty of Features...But Is It Enough?

Gregory Han
Mar 17, 2009

Copy and paste, wider search abilities, turn by turn GPS, landscape mode, MMS messaging, 3G tethering, stereo Bluetooth audio, Wi-Fi peer to peer connectivity between iPhones, peripherals control, push notification and a whole lot more was announced today as an upcoming free summer release for iPhone users (though 2G users won't benefit from all the features due to hardware limitations and Touch users will have to pony up $9.95). Nothing earth shattering, but a notable refinement that should help stave off any mass migration to competing platforms like Palm's Pre or Google's Android OS-driven least for now.

The question we're left with is whether these OS features will be enough to keep the iPhone train on track as the flavour of the month, since the announced features were mostly a compilation of options we thought should have been already integrated into the existing phone system (we did like the small touches like undo via shake). Personally, as someone who has gone without a cell phone for more than 4 years now, I'm intrigued enough to reconsider joining the fold (though we're without a cell phone, our better half has had an iPhone for awhile now), but also too curious about the eminent hardware upgrade that is certain to follow. Turn by turn GPS alongside push notification for apps like IM and email are both improvements to already useful features. Landscape input is a "finally!" addition . What seemed evident is smart phones are getting a whole lot more useful for both mundane and unique tasks (diabetes monitoring!), but will the iPhone remain head of the class (or at least the teacher's pet amongst the public)?

So how about you out there with current iPhone models: are you happy with these additions? And if you're using a different cell platform/model, do any of these improvements and features have you considering a switch over? We're still waiting to see both the 3.0 update in real world action, alongside the Palm Pre in final production sampling, to make a decision whether we start emptying our wallets on a month to month basis like the rest of you folks.

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